"Terrace at the café" - Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 26X21 inches.

"Bar Aux Folies Bergere" - Manet , Oil on canvas, 24X32 inches.

"horses" by Andre Pater, Oil on canvas, 36X26 inches.

"Still life with fruits, Cezanne, Oil on canvas, 18X23 inches.

"Mona Lisa", Vincent Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 30X20 inches.

"14 Sunflowers", Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 30X24 inches.

"My sweet rose", John William Waterhouse, Oil on canvas, 36X24 inches.

"Lion Sketch", Rembrandt, Oil on canvas, 6X5 inches.


"Iris against pink background", Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 17X21 inches.

"The swing", Renoir, Oil on canvas, 19X16 inches.

"Starry Nights", Vincent Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 21X26 inches.

"Portrait of Jeanne", Modigliani, Oil on canvas, 26X21 inches.

"The kiss", Klimt, Oil on canvas, 28X28 inches.

"The boating party", Renoir, Oil on canvas, 40X33 inches.

And I tried to learn art by replicating works of great masters like Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas, Monet, etc.

"Irises with yellow background", Van Gogh, Oil on h canvas, 28X22 inches.

"Iris field", Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 25X32 inches.

"Bal du Moulin de la galette", Caravaggio, Oil on canvas, 68X51 inches, actual size

Pre-raphaelite painting, Oil on canvas, 19X16 inches.

"The potato Eaters", Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 21X30 inches.

"Lady with veil", Alexander Roslin, Oil on h canvas, 21X17 inches.

"12 Sunflowers", Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 21X17 inches.

"Supper at Emmaus", Caravaggio, Oil on canvas, 57X38 inches.

"The dance" , Renoir, Oil on canvas, 48X23 inches.

Personal Portfolio

"Self Portrait with green background", Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 23X19 inches.